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Routine Eye & Vision Exams

This exam involves determining your glasses prescription and also the general health of the eyes. Your routine eye exam is typically covered by Vision Insurance and Some Medical Insurance. For a list of Vision Insurances accepted by Concord Family Vision, PLLC, please see Insurance & Payments.

Please note: Some medical insurance will also cover Routine Eye Exam or provide an allowance towards your exam and materials (glasses or contacts). Contact your insurance to determine if this is part of your plan.

Procedures that are preformed during a Routine Eye Exam:

  • Vision at distance and Near
  • Movement of eye and muscles
  • How the pupil reacts to light
  • Testing of the peripheral vision
  • Eye pressure
  • Refraction – the new prescription for your glasses
  • Health of the front surface of the eye and eye lids
  • Heath of the back of the eye (may include dilation of the eyes)
  • If their are any abnormal findings with the health of the eyes it may require follow up Medical Eye Exams
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